Prayer and Community Against Addiction

One of the best ways of fighting addiction is through prayer and community. The church has its faults, but one thing it has been praised for even by the secular world is its community building model. The church is long practiced at bringing people together to behave in a familial way as a community. This model has been in place for centuries, and has served as an example of how people can come together to support one another and become strong through friendship and love.

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This is important to those struggling with addiction, because often, a strong support system is exactly what an addict needs. Sadly, many people who are afflicted with addiction cannot count on their current support system, because they may enable their addiction or contribute to the mental problems that influence their addiction. For people like this especially, it is very important to find a stable support system that can be counted on to lift them up in moments of weakness.

The church seldom has its doors closed. One of a church’s functions is to be available to its congregation many hours in a week. Active churches schedule events to take place most evenings during the week and on weekends as well. Small groups form so that like-minded people can commune together and individual friendships flourish so that people can develop close relationships. A huge benefit to attending church is that it keeps a person occupied. Having plenty of ways to keep your mind busy and your schedule full is a key to defeating addiction.

Another powerful asset the church can offer is prayer. Prayer is a fundamental practice to Christians and the power of prayer should never be underestimated. Praying to God is literally speaking to him your thoughts, praise and communication. What Christians the world over attest to is that praying invokes a response from God himself, whether it is immediate or in his time. Many recovering addicts agree that the power of prayer worked supernatural wonders within them to fight their addiction and restore them to healthy minds.

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