Christians Who are Also Addicts

addicted ChristiansThe world is a small place in the present time, and we are forced to live in close proximity of things that can influence us for the worst. Christians tend to have an unspoken standard of moderation when it comes to pleasurable activities, or in other words, Christians think that Christians should not struggle with addiction. And while the love of God is the true antidote to our sinful nature, Christians must come to appreciate the complexities of addiction, how tight its grasp can be and how laborious the journey of recovery is.

First of all, if a Christian person has no compassion for an addict and holds them entirely responsible for their behavior, it is probably because they are ignorant of what addiction is, and were fortunate enough to never be personally affected by it. Or perhaps they were personally affected by it and developed a complex toward it. Addiction is a psychological, environmental, behavioral and biological illness. When a Christian lets their addiction control them, though they will not admit it, they are declaring their love for their addiction to be stronger than their love for God. Those who have experienced God’s presence know that no addiction can compare to His awesomeness, but those who become worshipful of their addiction have either become distracted from the fulfillment that God brings or they have never experienced it in the first place.

A Christian who is battling addiction needs to take what they know of scripture and apply it to their lives. Being honest enough to admit your problem with addiction is very important, as God sees your heart and there is nothing you can hide from him. You must acknowledge that replacing God, the giver of life, with a false idol has been toxic to your body, mind, heart and soul. Come to terms with your need for closeness with God, which addiction replaced for a time, and ask for forgiveness – from God and from the people you affected in your addiction. Acknowledge that you have the free will to return to your addiction, then willingly give it to God, knowing that it is the decision that will save your life.



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